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Juggling Chainsaws – Writing Two Books at the Same Time

By Laura Drake

This is so not something I would ever do.

  • I’m a pantster, and a linear writer to boot.
  • I’m organized – anally so.
  • I want to steep in my book, live it, snuggle up and get close to it.
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Critique Groups: How To Find Your Dream Team

By Sharla Rae

I’m very proud of my critique dream team here at Writers In The Storm. We started out liking each other, but we’re now sisters both in the family sense and as professional writers.  Unfortunately, not all critique groups are created equal.… Read the post

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10 Power Tips for Critique Groups

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog for an announcement: Amy Hahn was the lucky commenter who won a copy of Judy Duarte's new novel, Christmas on Nutcracker Court!  Congrats Amy!

Here's our own Jenny Hansen, starting a new series on critique groups.… Read the post

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