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Dead Zone Ahead: The Sagging Middle

by Diana Stout

Graphic depicting the sagging middle of a story.

You’ve got a great idea for a new story. You have an idea of how it’s going to end. You have at least one main character, maybe two, so you start writing while the idea is hot.

The idea grows as you’re writing, so you’re making it up as you go along, and the characters are revealing who they are.… Read the post

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The Practice of Writing: How Much and What Kind Is Needed?

By Dr. Diana Stout

Practice is how you learn, written on a napkin

When a baby goes from crawling to walking to running, rarely does she do it in a day. It’s a process of practicing over a number of days, sometimes weeks.

First, she learns to stand by hoisting herself up while clinging to something sturdy.… Read the post

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Why You Want to Become a Better Self-Editor

by Dr. Diana Stout

The photo is a cloud of words with editor and writer the largest words in the grouping.

Over the years, I’ve heard writers say, “I don’t need to learn grammar and punctuation. That’s why I have an editor.” When one student discovered he’d be editing his writing, he said, “I’ll be handing my correspondence to my secretary.… Read the post

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Does Writer's Block Really Exist?

by Diana Stout, MFA, PhD

The day started out like any other. I sat at the computer prepared to continue writing a first draft for a new book, but that day turned out to be unlike any other.

The Writer's Block Day of Infamy

That day, writer's block paralyzed me for 10 ½ straight hours, the screen blinking at me the entire time.… Read the post

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Critiques – How to Get Them, How to Receive Them

by Diana Stout, MFA, PhD

Have you ever asked for a beta read or critique and got back so many comments on the manuscript that you wanted to quit writing? Or maybe you cried, or became angry at the critiquer, then vented to anyone who would listen?… Read the post

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