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Letting Go: In Writing and in Life

by Donna Galanti

We all must let go eventually.

Sometimes it’s letting go of a friendship. A husband. A career. A child. A parent.

The toxic friend who suffocates you and puts you down. The husband who can’t commit. The career that stresses you out.… Read the post

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Building Suspense: Meet Your Readers in the Middle and They Will Come

Donna Galanti

I’ve learned so much about suspense since writing my first book. One thing I’ve learned in fiction, and movies, is that surprise can be overrated.

Surprise is two seconds of “Boo!” Suspense is ten minutes of “Oh, No! Will she die or not?”… Read the post

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11 Steps to Find and Connect with Other Authors in Your Genre

Donna Galanti

I’ve befriended many bestselling authors, online and in person, who want to help new writers. They’ve advised me, allowed me to guest post on their blogs, and have written blurbs for my work. They pay it forward. Someday you will too.… Read the post

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4 Ways to Create Your Author Persona

Donna Galanti

When it comes to creating your author persona, some refer to this as your “author brand.” Understand that you aren’t branding your book – you’re branding YOU. Simply put, your author brand is about connecting with your readers on a person-to-person level.Read the post

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Writing For and About Children: Find Your Childlike Wonder

Donna Galanti

When I was a kid I used to sneak into people’s coat closets when visiting with my parents, hoping to find a Narnia world on the other side. I would huddle in the dark, beneath winter coats, imagining an older world long gone as I hid among musty wool.… Read the post

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