May 18th, 2012

Too Many Choices - A NYT Author Decides

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By Susan Squires

What a crazy, confusing and possibly wonderful world publishing is today. The traditional publishing world is under duress and their business model depends more and more on writers who are already selling a zillion books. While they may still be looking for the next big thing, just like in other mediums, the next big thing must hit quickly or it’s discarded.… Read the post

October 7th, 2011

How I Became a Publisher

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Indie Publishing | Technology Fun

by Kitty Bucholtz

When I started writing, I published a few articles and devotionals, and then I tried to figure out what kind of novel I wanted to write. I discovered that romance novels accounted for about half of the paperback market and I thought: I like romance, I’m happily married, I’ll write one of those.Read the post


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