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By Laura Drake

Who hasn’t made a vow on New Year’s Eve (maybe after a couple of glasses of champagne) that this is your year to get in shape.  You join a gym, you get a personal trainer, you start jogging. … Read the post

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Embrace Your Red Pen

by Fae Rowen

The joke in here at WITS is that I sit in my living room waiting for an editor to knock on my front door and ask, “Do you have a book I can buy?”  Yep, pretty passive.  Lots of backstory on why I haven’t sent out requested manuscripts, but here’s what’s going on now.… Read the post

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Editing Pet Peeves

Laura Drake

We all have them.  Things that make us crazy, whether we’re reading a novel for pleasure or critiquing a colleague’s work.  We’re readers first, and I believe these peeves are forged by what we’ve read; like Chinese water torture they fall, drop by drop, until you notice them and continuing until you can’t see anything else and want to throw the book across the room.… Read the post

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