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Chekhov’s Gun: A Double-edged Writing Sword

by Eldred Bird

When I first heard the term Chekhov’s Gun used in a writing class, I’ll admit I thought it was a Russian firearm. Turns out I was way off base. Chekhov’s Gun is actually a double-edged sword (pun intended).… Read the post

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A Modern Writing Horror Story

by Eldred Bird

It started like any other writing session. Drink in hand, I made my way to my office and plopped down in front of the computer. The welcome glow of the monitor lit my face as I settled in for what I felt would finally be a productive writing session—my first in quite some time.… Read the post

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Building A Better Villain

By Eldred Bird

As part of the research for one of my current works in progress (I have about a dozen at any given time…don’t judge me), I’ve been digging into the world of investigating serial killers to build a better villain.… Read the post

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Digging Up Bones - What's Your Character's Backstory?

by Eldred Bird

Our characters need to be relatable and have depth so they’re easy to get attached to. One of the highest compliments I've received about my writing is about my characters. Seeing as how I’m kind of attached to them, that makes my whole month.… Read the post

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What is a MacGuffin?

by Eldred Bird

In my last WITS post, Everything has a Story, I mentioned “The Maltese Falcon”. This movie revolves around what is arguably one of the most famous examples of a plot device known as a MacGuffin (sometimes spelled McGuffin).… Read the post

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