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What’s My Genre: Writing Horror vs. Writing Terror

By Eldred Bird

Image of a white skull sitting on plue and red fabric background, illustration for Eldred Bird's post What's My Genre: Writing Horror vs. Writing Terror

If you’re like me, trying to figure out what genre you’re writing can be a bit of a mystery (no pun intended). I often hear the terms terror and horror used interchangeably. While both are close relatives and seek to create emotional responses, they are in fact quite different.… Read the post

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Writing Through Life's Storms

by Eldred Bird

person in yellow rain coat looks over the sea with storm clouds above the horizon

Let’s face it, writing is tough and sometimes the problems we face in our daily lives makes it tougher. Five years ago, my father-in-law fell and broke his hip. This accident led to two hip replacement surgeries and months of physical therapy.… Read the post

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What Blogging Has Taught Me About Writing

by Eldred Bird

Four years ago, when I shared the results of a writing experiment with my Wednesday night writer’s support group, one of the members (Jenny Hansen, “High Priestess of WITS”) asked if I would write a blog post about my findings.… Read the post

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It's a Mystery to Me

by Eldred Bird

a puzzle

I love a good mystery. I think I was the only kid in my school that had a subscription to Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine—in fact, I’m pretty sure about that. Raymond Chandler, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Agatha Christie were my role models.… Read the post

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Chekhov’s Gun: A Double-edged Writing Sword

by Eldred Bird

When I first heard the term Chekhov’s Gun used in a writing class, I’ll admit I thought it was a Russian firearm. Turns out I was way off base. Chekhov’s Gun is actually a double-edged sword (pun intended).… Read the post

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