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But What Does a Literary Trustee DO? (Part 1)

Today Writers in the Storm welcomes back guest blogger Susan Spann, as she continues her PubLaw series about your literary estate. If you've missed her previous instructive posts in this series, click on the title:  How to Choose a Literary Executor, and  Do You Need a Literary Executor?Read the post

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WHO WILL YOU TRUST? Wills in Author Estate Planning

Susan Spann joins us again for the second in her series about protecting your writing and your author rights in your estate planning. Even though many of us don't like to think about that particular future, it's an important part of your writing business that no one talks about.… Read the post

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Who Inherits Your Copyrights?

Susan Spann returns to Writers in the Storm with a new series to help you think about planning for the long-range future of your estate. In this series she'll give us practical, easy-to-follow suggestions about protecting your intellectual property.

by Susan Spann

In the spring, a young man’s fancy may lightly turn to thoughts of love, but (with apologies to Tennyson) this spring my guest posts here at Writers in the Storm will take a slightly more serious tone.… Read the post

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