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What Motivates You to Finish?

The blank page doesn’t scare me. I’m one of those writers who has dozens of story ideas, plenty of partially written projects, and fully drafted manuscripts in various stages of editing.

However, the daunting task of getting a book all the way to “done!”… Read the post

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When Rejection is Necessary, or I Reject All the Fear

Heather Webb

Heather Webb SmilingThe most detested word in the publishing industry, perhaps even in the English language (we writers might argue) is rejection. Even saying it aloud gives you a nasty swirling in your stomach. Whether it be from agents and editors, or readers and reviewers, the word itself embodies our deepest darkest fear—we aren’t good enough.… Read the post

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NO FEAR -- Pushing the Envelope

By Laura Drake

Here at WITS, we've discussed dealing with fear before - most notably, our Throwdown, which explored The Fear of Success, and The Fear of Never Succeeding.

Today, I thought I'd share with you my latest goal - To Live Without Fear.Read the post

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Press on Regardless -- PMS and the Wizard of Oz

By Laura Drake

Press On Regardless. I know you’ve seen this phrase before. It’s one of those old sayings, and like dialog tags, they become invisible after awhile. But it’s more to me – it’s my mantra.

We start this writing journey, naïve, excited, and hopeful.… Read the post

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The Fear Factor

Welcome to the first Monday of the month, when we are lucky to share in the wisdom of contributing blogger Shannon Donnelly. Her post today will help get you writing this summer, despite your fears.

by Shannon Donnelly

"I'm convinced that fear is at the root of most bad writing.… Read the post

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