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Tag: Forces of Antagonism

How to Write: Crafting a Story with the Forces of Antagonism

Using a high concept theory like Robert McKee’s Forces of Antagonism to frame a story isn’t easy. Recently a friend reached out to me after reading my original post on this topic. She tried to follow the idea but found it too high concept.… Read the post

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The Frame of a Story: The Forces of Antagonism

by Lynette M. Burrows

Photo with a man and a woman, each has a hand extended and thumb and first finger frame a simple line drawing of the frame of a house which is much like the frame of a story.

In constructing a story, I am both a pantser and a planner. I plan the frame of a story, then place the characters in that frame and discover what they will do in that situation. It’s taken years for me to figure out a method that works for me.… Read the post

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