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How to Show Up for the Best Job Ever

Writing is the Best Job Ever!

Where else can you show up to your desk for work in your comfortable robe and slippers? No commute, no bossy co-workers, no meetings.

Writing is a great excuse to get out of social obligations -"I'm working on deadline"- and the perfect write-off for visiting, uh-researching, areas of interest.… Read the post

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How To Negotiate a Writing Life in 10 Easy Steps

by Susan Squires

Whether you’re just starting out or under contract, being productive isn’t easy. There isn’t enough time. Or enough space. Or enough quiet. Or enough organized thinking. There isn’t enough something, always.

How many times have you heard writers say, “I sure wish I had more_______.… Read the post

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Don't Waste A Second

Danaro s martin

By Laura Drake

I heard today that a distant relative, after enduring brutal treatment for lung cancer, is in remission!  I’m so very happy for him, and his family. He’s such a sweet, giving man.

The horror in Connecticut this month made most people I know stop and think.… Read the post

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Physical Therapy For Your Writing--Keeping Your Manuscript In Balance

by Jenny Hansen

You can thank my husband and his knee for this post.

The wear and tear of fifteen years of football finally took its toll this last year and he hurt his knee working as IT Wonder Man at a conference in San Francisco.… Read the post

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WriterStrong: A New Writing Series About YOU

Writers In The Storm is starting a new series this month that we think y’all will love. In addition to our regular contributing bloggers like Kara Lennox, Shannon Donnelly and Susan Spann, we’ll be opening the door to a whole new you with this series of posts.… Read the post

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