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Writing Blues: Get Inspired During After-Holiday Lows

By Kris Maze

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As writers, we often find solace in the written word, but what happens when the holiday season brings more blues than cheer? It's not uncommon for many to feel a bit down during this time of the year.… Read the post

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The Best Music to Appease Your Nagging Muse

by Kris Maze

Writing and music can go hand in hand just like comfort food and hot cocoa. If your writing muse has left you agitated, unsettled, or discombobulated, perhaps you can appease it by selecting music appropriate for your creative process.… Read the post

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What to Do When Writer’s Block Shifts Shapes

by Stefan Emunds

Note: To avoid confusing readers, the author of these articles avoided the alternation of she and her and he and him. Instead, he uses the nonexclusive she and her to mean writer and reader.

This is the sixth and last article of the article series The Yin and Yang Relationship Between Psychology and Storytelling. … Read the post

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Writing Through Life's Storms

by Eldred Bird

person in yellow rain coat looks over the sea with storm clouds above the horizon

Let’s face it, writing is tough and sometimes the problems we face in our daily lives makes it tougher. Five years ago, my father-in-law fell and broke his hip. This accident led to two hip replacement surgeries and months of physical therapy.… Read the post

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