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Book Cover 101: Covering A Cross-Genre Novel

by Melinda VanLone

Here on Writers In The Storm we’ve talked about putting the promise of your genre on the cover and how vital it is for selling your novel. As I've said before, a good cover is a contract with the reader that this story fits in the genre they’re looking for.… Read the post

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Giving Back To Your Readers

by Eldred "Bob" Bird

In my last two posts here on WITS I talked in general terms about building your author platform, both online and offline. Today I’m going to dig a little deeper into building a long-term relationship with your readers.… Read the post

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3 Ways to Share Your Writing With Traditional Publishers

by Kris Maze

Whether you are an indie writer looking at new markets or a newbie building up a writing portfolio, consider trying these ways to get traditionally published. What will be your next steps with your work?

3 Methods to Share YOUR Work in 2020


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Book Cover 101: How Much Should a Cover Cost?

by Melinda VanLone

We've spent quite a bit of time on various blogs here at WITS talking about what makes a good cover for your genre, and about why you should invest in one. Now that you're convinced you need one, what's the next step?… Read the post

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Indie Publishing in the Time of Covid

by Justine Bylo

When New Jersey went into lockdown on March 21st, I foolishly thought that I would get infinite amounts of writing done. During the day, I am the author acquisitions manager at IngramSpark and by night I like to write humorous personal non-fiction and romance novels.… Read the post

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