April 6th, 2018

A Writer’s Lessons in Failure

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Heather Webb | Publishing

Heather Webb

Failure. Hmmmm. Well, I recently entered two contests and wasn’t selected. I’ve had agents who didn’t want me, editors who didn’t want my book(s), and enough negative reviews to be christened an author. I’ve also had the illustrious pleasure of receiving a small handful of emails from Wikipedia Historians telling me why I’m wrong about some research.… Read the post

November 10th, 2017

When You Think Your Writing Sucks

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Writer's Life

This is an actual file on my computer:

Image of computer file titled "Read When You Think Your Writing Sucks"

I confess that I’ve accessed it more than once.

Truth is, anyone who’s been writing for a while knows there will be moments when you wonder if you’re really cut out to be a writer.… Read the post


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