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Channel Your Inner James Bond to Boost Writing Success

by Colleen Story

Whether you’re a James Bond fan or not, you can adopt some of his strengths to improve your writing career.

I’ve enjoyed the action and excitement of James Bond in the past, but I became a huge fan when Daniel Craig took over the role.… Read the post

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Why Your Book Matters

You never know the difference your book might make in someone’s life …

By Barbara Linn Probst

When we publish a book, we want it to be read. Obviously. But what else do we want?

At the most obvious level, we want our book to be bought, liked, shared, and reviewed.… Read the post

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When Your Writing Dreams Change

I have been writing since 2010 and have penned six book-length manuscripts and several short stories. Among all those, one always stood out to me as the breakout book. I'm not saying the others aren't good — I certainly like them — but one particular novel has a high concept, a timely topic, and has been written, rewritten, and edited so much it's pretty much print-ready.… Read the post

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A Pessimist's Collection of (Inspiring) Writing Quotes

Julie Glover

I'm a born pessimist — whenever things are going too well in my life, I get this overwhelming sense of dread. Because I just know that doom is right around the corner.

Obviously I'm not here to advocate pessimism, or we'll all be doomsayers and how annoying would that be?!… Read the post

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Keeping the Writing Love Alive

by Jenny Hansen

This week is Valentine's Day and, all over America, hearts and flowers are on many people's minds. Perhaps you are worrying about your secret (or not so secret) love: your writing love. Have you lost that loving feeling?… Read the post

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