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One Amazing Perspective Shift to Make Scene Writing Easier

by Sandy Vaile

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Have you ever wondered why pulling all the pieces of a novel together feels like such hard work? Me too.

Each author has a different process, but if you love feeling immersed in the lives and emotional dramas of fictional characters, then shifting your focus from external plot to internal state, could be the perfect way to allow your plot to be revealed organically.… Read the post

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How to Focus on Your Story's DNA

Though we are a very cohesive group here at Writers in the Storm, we are split down the middle in writing style. Laura and Fae write their stories in a linear fashion while Julie and I quilt ours together scene by scene.… Read the post

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Using Internal Conflict to Create Plot

Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

A lot of focus gets put on the core conflict of a novel--the main problem the protagonist has to solve to win. It's no wonder since that's the whole point of the book, but sometimes, when we look too hard at the external problems, we miss out on opportunities to let the internal problems muck things up.… Read the post

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Escalate Story Tension with Dirty Fighting
Dirty Fighting techniques

Today we’re talking about Dirty Fighting. What is it, and why do you want your characters to do it? The main reason: It escalates tension in your story by deepening both your external and internal conflict.

Dirty Fighting isn’t about some how-to guide on Jujitsu or Street Fighting.… Read the post

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