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The Dos and Don’ts of Working with a Publicist

By J. Alexander Greenwood

As both a professional public relations practitioner and a novelist, I can safely say I know the value of publicity. The partnership between an author and their publicist can be a pivotal element for success. However, hiring a publicist is a tactic to take only after serious consideration.… Read the post

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Gear Up for a Productive New Year

By J. Alexander Greenwood

As the new year unfolds, it's the perfect time for writers like us to reset, reorganize, and rejuvenate their creative process. Whether you're crafting mysteries, spinning tales on your podcast, or shaping influential essays, staying organized is key to success. … Read the post

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Maximizing Your Author Website's Potential with Blogging

By J. Alexander Greenwood

An author's website is more than just a digital business card. It is a platform to establish your brand, connect with your audience, and showcase your literary prowess. And what's one of the most effective ways to do all these things?… Read the post

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Get Booked on a Podcast by Answering One Question

By J. Alex Greenwood

Microphone in focus with a podcaster blurred out in the background

A critical way to build awareness of your work and credibility as a writer is by sharing your ideas, writing, and opinions with people in your niche. Podcasts are an excellent marketplace for ideas — according to PodcastHosting.orgRead the post

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Making A Podcast Love Connection

by J. Alexander Greenwood

Image of two women talking into microphones at a table in a podcast booth. On the table in front of each of them are mugs and smart phones. One has an iPad-type tablet the other has a book and pens. According to Alex Greenwood they are making a podcast love connection

The last time I appeared here, I talked about ways to be selected for podcast appearances to promote your writing. I hope it encouraged you to put yourself out there. In this post, we'll cover how to find and evaluate podcasts, so you don't waste your time on shows with poor quality or audiences that are a little too niche in size.… Read the post

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