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The Dumb Stories We Tell Ourselves and What To Do About Them

by Johnny B. Truant

What are the stories writers tell themselves

I’ve always had trouble coming up with ideas. It’s my constant weakness. Give me an idea and I can articulate the hell out of it, finding all sorts of interesting nuance that bears on the story. But ask me to come up with ideas?… Read the post

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Question of the Day: WHY Do You Write?

by Johnny B. Truant

You know … this writing thing can be a real pain in the ass. It beats you up and is sometimes a serious downer. I used to be so loud and proud in my early days online that I never really let those home truths settle, but they’re no joke.… Read the post

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I Was Right All Along - How to Write the Right Way

by Johnny B. Truant

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This post came to my email. I thought it would lead to some fun discussion, so I asked if we could share it here at WITS. With Johnny's permission, here's some (hopefully bloodless) food for thought!… Read the post

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