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Winning Technique: Listen to Advice

by Joseph Lallo

Compass with needle pointing the word advice

Writing is solitary. That’s certainly the way we’ve come to view it, at least. It is a common trope in fiction to present an author as desperate for the opportunity to shut the world out, to find a quiet place where they can be left alone to work.… Read the post

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Building Sufficiently Advanced Magic in your World

by Joseph Lallo

magician conjuring magical visions

Fans of speculative fiction have no shortage of things to argue about when it comes to dividing fantasy and sci-fi into subgenres. If something has wizards and takes place in Boston in the year 2003, is that Urban Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, or Contemporary Fantasy?… Read the post

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Free Your Darlings - Try the Bad Idea Exercise

by Joseph Lallo

I have been writing for more than a decade now. As a self-published author, one of the great benefits is the capacity to put out a far greater volume of writing. Indeed, many self-pub business models require rapid release.… Read the post

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Diamonds in the Rough Draft - Writing Scenes that Matter

by Joseph Lallo

raw uncut diamonds

One of the first and most important lessons likely to come from any sort of writing instruction is this: Don’t waste words. In short fiction, you don’t have the words to spare. Spend too much time talking about something that doesn’t matter to the plot and pretty soon your tight little short story is a sprawling novella.… Read the post

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Terraforming: Worldbuilding for Sci-fi Authors

by Joseph Lallo, @jrlallo

landscape with Saturn overhead

There are few more liberating genres than science fiction. Unfettered by petty limitations like technology or the laws of physics, a sci-fi setting can be crafted to suit the whims of the storyteller and the needs of the story.… Read the post

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