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5 Quick Dialogue Tips: Round 1

By Julie Glover

I enjoy presenting workshops, and the latest one I did was on “Writing Dialogue That’s Real But Even Better.” Toward the end, I give ten tips for writing dialogue, and I figured I’d share five of them with y’all today and five next time!… Read the post

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When Illness Interrupts Your Writing

by Julie Glover

The last time I worked on my novel was…

I don’t know.

We don’t have time for me to tell you the whole story, but I turned up sick on October 9, 2020 and haven’t been back to my old self since.… Read the post

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How Much of Our Real Life Shows Up in Our Fiction?

by Julie Glover

When my husband read the first draft of the first novel I ever wrote, he asked about my protagonist, “Is this you?”

That’s hardly the only time that question has come up. How much of our real lives and personalities go into the characters and world we writers create?Read the post

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40 Holiday Gifts for Writers

by Julie Glover

I’m typically in the group that believes we shouldn’t think too much about Christmas until after my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving (which is in November in the US). However, this maniacal year 2020 has made plenty of people eager to hasten the holidays.… Read the post

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5 Reasons to Review Old Conference Notes

by Julie Glover

I'm cleaning my office.

Not that straightening up, mild decluttering we all do from time to time, but that deep dive of purging papers and files we don't need anymore, sorting through office supplies and tossing bad pens, and asking will I ever read that book on my shelf?Read the post

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