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Toxic Productivity for Writers - Do You Have It?

by Karen DeBonis

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In May 2023, I will become a published author for the first time. Learning as I go and with every new tidbit of knowledge, I realize how much more there is to learn—launch teams, media interviews, book readings, blurbs, Amazon and Facebook ads, trailers, preorders… I have to do it all, I think.… Read the post

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From Non-Writer To Published Author in Twenty Short Years

by Karen Debonis

Sipping my coffee in the dining room one recent morning, I checked my email, and my life and identity changed with a click.

“Michael,” I yelled to my husband in the kitchen. “I got an offer of publication.”… Read the post

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Finding Your Writing Rhythm

by Karen DeBonis

For those who were born with the instinct to write, you probably figured out your writing rhythm—the ebb and flow of your writing practice, and the beat and tempo of your unique voice—early on. I wasn’t one of those kids who filled notebooks with short stories, or wrote under the covers at night by flashlight.… Read the post

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Writing Goal for 2021: Let Go to Love More

By Karen DeBonis

In the fall, I asked my husband to move a rhododendron shrub from a crowded spot between the house and the back steps. It was so tight, I knew he couldn’t get in there to dig without breaking and trampling branches.… Read the post

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The Timeless Writing Struggle: Ego vs. Humility

by Karen Debonis

Last fall, after twenty years of effort, I finished my memoir. In recent years, that manuscript went through two rounds of beta reading, the scrutiny of a paid book editor, and another eleventy-nine revisions.

What began as a story about my young son’s life-or-death struggle with a brain tumor became an examination of how my people-pleasing had kept me from being the fierce mama-bear my son needed.… Read the post

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