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5 Secret Ingredients for Writing a Killer Teen Novel

by Kathleen Baldwin

Today I will give you 5 secret ingredients that will inspire teens to shell out their allowance money to buy your super-cool teen novel. And not just teens…

Potions and a steaming cauldron on a table with the words 5 secret ingredients for writing a killer teen novel floating eerily out of the steam

If you are writing Young Adult fiction, nearly 50% of your audience may be adults.… Read the post

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Who Are YOUR Readers and Why Does it Matter?

by Kathleen Baldwin

readers reading books and ebooks

How well do you know your readers? If you’re not published, how well do you know your potential readers?

It always surprises me when I ask that question and get blank stares from the writers in my classes.… Read the post

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A Case for WAS: The Much-Maligned Passive Voice

by Kathleen Baldwin

Alas, poor WAS! Thou art cruelly misunderstood and murdered most foul by brutal editors and unknowing authors. When should you use the ruddy WAS thing and when should you toss it over a cliff? Is passive voice given a bad rap?… Read the post

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