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How to Make ALL Ads, Marketing & Newsletters Work BETTER
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Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Enrico Petrarolo

by Kristen Lamb

Book sales. This is what everyone wants to learn about, so Writers in the Storm has been kind enough to let me proselytize here.

Most of us are continuously asking the same question.… Read the post

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Novel Diagnostics---How to Tell if Your Book Might Have Terminal Problems in TEN Pages

By Kristen Lamb

For those of you who have submitted before, ever wonder how an agent can ask for the first 20 pages and still reject your book? Did you ever wonder if the agents really read these pages? How can they know our book isn't something they want to represent with so little to go on?… Read the post

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What Star Trek Can Teach Us About Great Writing

by Kristen Lamb

Writers In The Storm is delighted to welcome Kristen Lamb today. She's a treasure trove of writing, author and social media know-how so strap in for a great post!


I love the 2009 J.J. Abrams rendition of Star Trek.Read the post

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A Tale of Two Conferences

By Laura Drake

I’m only beginning to come out of my post-conference fog, and to get my head around all the work I have to do! Before I jump into that though, I wanted to tell you what I learned from this conference.… Read the post

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Right Time, Right Place

-by Fae Rowen

The RWA 2012 National Conference, for me, was a perfect example of Right Time, Right Place.

First, I have to shout CONGRATULATIONS, TESSA DARE, ON YOUR RITA! Tessa won the RITA for Best Regency Historical with A Night to Surrender.Read the post

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