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The Tyranny of FOMO

by Amy Winters-Voss

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Writers have to juggle a myriad of tasks beyond the hard work of drafting and editing our books. There’s increased pressure to post to social media, produce novels faster, learn to do cover art, absorb how to do ads and marketing, keeping up with our audience via newsletters, ensuring you have a catchy reader magnet, tackling the changing demands of publishers and book distribution, and a dizzying array of additional tasks.… Read the post

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Your New Best Friend: The Word "No"

By D. A. Watt

My first word spoken was, “No.” This is pretty typical, just like “Mamma” or “Dada” or, for the genius babies out there, something random like, “Tortilla.”

I’m all grown up now, and am no longer limited by a toddler’s vocabulary.… Read the post

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