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Gratitude Will Enrich Your Writing Life

Kathryn Craft
Turning Whine into Gold

My writing gratitude list, today:

  • The excitement (and relief!) of a new story gelling on the page.
  • The women who attended my spring writing retreat, so generous with their encouragement, feedback, and gin and tonics.
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Don't Waste A Second

Danaro s martin

By Laura Drake

I heard today that a distant relative, after enduring brutal treatment for lung cancer, is in remission!  I’m so very happy for him, and his family. He’s such a sweet, giving man.

The horror in Connecticut this month made most people I know stop and think.… Read the post

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The Writing Journey: Giving Back

by Laura Drake

Tis the season.  Bell ringers with kettles stand outside stores, vying for territory with candy sale fund-raisers. We’re receiving charity requests every day in the mail, and at work, we’re adopting needy families for the Holidays.

Sometimes it seems easier to shut the door and close yourself in a nice quiet writing room.… Read the post

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