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Trust The Process: Literary Executors, Part 2

By Susan Spann

Last month, my guest blog here at Writers in the Storm looked at some of the duties a literary executor performs [But What Does a Literary Trustee DO? (Part 1)] in the course of his or her duties.… Read the post

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How to Choose a Literary Executor

Hey, all just a quick update: The person who won an LWA online class is ——- Selena Fulton  CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Please email Margie::::: address is:  margie (at) margielawson(dot) com

Sorry to step in, Susan - go for it!

by Susan Spann

Last month’s #PubLaw guest post on WITS asked the question “Do you Need a Literary Executor?Read the post

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Traditional…POD…Indie – OH MY! Publishing Choices, Part 2 by Susan Spann

Last month’s The Lady or the Tiger kicked off my guest-series on Publishing Choices by talking about authors’ need to take responsibility for their choices and careers. Today we’ll take a closer look at some of those options.

Twenty years ago, being an author (or novelist) always meant your work was produced in printed form by a traditional publishing house.… Read the post

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The Lady Or The Tiger - Publishing Choices Part I

By Susan Spann

When Writers in the Storm invited me to guest-post on the last Wednesday of every month, I knew at once what my ongoing topic should be:

Equipping authors to make informed decisions about their publishing careers.

As a publishing attorney, I work with a number of publishers as well as traditionally-published and agented authors, self-published authors, and independent authors who publish traditionally and/or through a variety of other publishing options.… Read the post

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Beware Of Kings With No Clothing - Calculation of Royalty Fees In Publishing Contracts

Writers In The Storm welcomes publishing attorney and author, Susan Spann. Susan  practices law in Sacramento, California. Her debut novel, tentatively titled SHINOBI, in which a Japanese ninja and a Portuguese priest must save a teahouse entertainer accused of murder, will be available in 2013 with St.… Read the post

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