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The Ins and Outs of Internal Dialogue

Lori Freeland

Last time I visited Writers in the Storm, we talked about dialogue—what characters say out loud to themselves or to other characters. If you missed that blog, you can find it here at Dive Deep into Dialogue.

This time, I want to shift to internal dialogue—what your characters don’t say out loud to themselves or to other characters.… Read the post

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Dive Deep Into Dialogue

Lori Freeland

There are lots of different ways to start sketching in the empty page of a new scene. Dialogue. Setting. Action. Internal thought. But for me, the easiest way to get words on the page is to use dialogue—what I want my characters to say to each other—as the blueprint of my scene.… Read the post

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Frame Your Scene with Essay Structure

Lori Freeland

Does the blank page cause you anxiety? Do you have a scene that’s just not working? Do readers miss what you’re trying to get across? Using essay structure can help you start and finish clear, purposeful scenes.

When we wrote essays in school, there was always a basic format to follow—OPEN with an intro, move into the BODY, and close with a CONCLUSION.… Read the post

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Ax Your Cliches: Why and How

We couldn't talk WriterStrong without our Yoda of Edits and sparkling prose, Margie Lawson. Be prepared for great takeaway as Margie not only tells you, but shows you how it's done!  Here she is:

A big THANK YOU to Laura Drake for inviting me to be her guest today.Read the post

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