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How to Manage Emotions Through Writing

By Sarah (Sally) Hamer

Writers often talk about opening a vein, giving our life-blood to a page. But is that all we give when we write? Writing takes time, effort, research, digging through memories, skill, emotion, and, possibly, even a little bit of our soul.… Read the post

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The Relationship between Stress and Creativity

By Ellen Buikema

Returning to the United States after more than two years of wandering through Mexico was a great joy, even in pandemic times. Living once again in a country where I had a good grasp of the language and general culture provided a relief I didn’t anticipate.… Read the post

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Achieving Writing Life Balance -- A Story of Balls

During those weeks when you're juggling a lot of commitments, especially for writing parents whose kids are out of school, writing-life balance is freaking hard to achieve.

I got some perspective from a very unexpected source recently. I got my epiphany at work.Read the post

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