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Writing Short Stories: Lessons from Singer-songwriters

By Eldred "Bob" Bird

guitar with a notepad and a pen for writing songs

Besides writing, music is one of my passions. So much so that I volunteer at the Musical Instrument Museum here in Phoenix as a gallery guide. While working my shift recently, I had a thought—there are a lot of people in music that I can learn from when it comes to writing short stories.… Read the post

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The Surprising Places Research Can Lead You
Photo of an open book revealing a map. A pair of glasses sit on top of one of the pages.

By Diana Clark 

My passion to write about Latin American protest music started innocently enough. A long and deep interest in Hispano-American history and culture led to an interest in using fiction to write about the interesting events and characters I’d studied for years. … Read the post

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A Great Story Is Music to the Eyes
by Eldred “Bob” Bird
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra with Bramwell Tovey

One of my passions outside of writing is music. I don’t just love the music itself, but also the creative process and the tools that go into making it. I ended up spending so much time at the Musical Instrument Museum here in Phoenix that I now volunteer there.… Read the post

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Music as Writing Inspiration

by Fae Rowen

First of all, on this Veteran's Day week-end, a heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who serve our country in the Armed Forces. And to the families that support them. My father was in the Army, my husband served in the Coast Guard, and my godson is currently a pilot in the Navy.Read the post

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