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How Squirrel-Brain Helped My Writing

by Orly Konig

Are you guys done laughing at the title? Not yet? Now?

Since the early months of 2018, I’ve been dealing with overcrowding in the brain-squirrel department. Revisions on what became Carousel Beach, marketing and launch of Carousel Beach, writing proposal chapters, family issues, starting a new book, summer schedule and multiple trips, a shiny new book idea, a must-try crochet pattern, the writer’s retreat I organize for Womens Fiction Writers Assn.Read the post

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What You Can Accomplish with Determination

Orly Konig

This post isn’t about writing. Well, yes but in a roundabout way. Hang with me for a few minutes, and it’ll make more sense.

When I started writing, I didn’t know anything about the industry. Or writing for that matter.… Read the post

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3 Reasons to Embrace the Prickly Synopsis

Orly Konig

There are certain words that make most writers break into a cold sweat. “Synopsis” is one of them.

Until recently, the thought of writing a synopsis would send me into fits of, “screw this, I’m going to become a unicorn farmer.”… Read the post

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How Facebook Saved my Work in Progress

Orly Konig

I’ve been working on a story that I adore. The characters are fun to hang out with, the setting makes me happy, the topics fascinate me. And I was rocking the first chapters. You know that feeling, right?

Then the brain chipmunks got out of their cage and took off with my brilliant story ideas.… Read the post

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Confessions of a Workshop Flunkie

Orly Konig

Like most writers, I love craft books and workshops and blog posts and insight into writing better, smarter, stronger. There’s always room for improvement, and I’m absolutely convinced that somewhere out there is the magic ingredient for a bestseller.… Read the post

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