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What is Your Writing Barrier?

by Jenny Hansen

We all have things that keep us from writing. It might be a lack of time, or analysis paralysis. It might be an inability to start or to finish. Perhaps it is a lack of knowledge -- of craft, or story structure, or even your own characters.… Read the post

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How to Overcome Obstacles to Writing, Part 1

by Ellen Buikema

All great relationships have obstacles, including the relationship we have with writing. Sometimes the muse loves us, other times…not so much.

What to do When the Muse Stops Talking

It’s hard to hear your muse when you’re worried.… Read the post

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5 Fun Ways to Take Advantage of Your Character’s Fears

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

Two cartoon eyes peer fearfully out of a cardboard box in this illustration of Janice Hardy's post "5 Fun Ways to Take Advantage of Your Character's Fears."

When characters are scared about what might happen, so are your readers.

Imagine your character in a dark room, surrounded by shadows, covered in—

Thud. What was that? Is someone there?

Maybe it’s nothing. The cat chasing his tail.… Read the post

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