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Tag: Overcoming the dreaded Should

Sometimes it's more important NOT to do that good thing

by Lisa Norman

What Should I Do?

Our writing profession is full of Shoulds. You should:

  • post on social media.
  • blog.
  • invest in paid advertising.
  • go traditional.
  • go indie.
  • sell on your own website.

And then there’s the tech advice! You should:

  • use Microsoft word.
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Why You and Your Characters Deserve some Ikigai

by Jenny Hansen

ikigai - interpretation of Japanese concept  - a reason for being as a balance between love, skills, needs and money - handwriting on a napkin with a cup of espresso coffee

Every so often, I read an article that makes me ponder this writing life and the characters we create. The one that prompted this post was Harvey Mackay's Try IKIGAI; The Secret for Happiness. "Ikigai" (pronounced Icky Guy) has been a hot topic in the business arena for a few years, but I hadn't stopped to think about the fiction possibilities until now.… Read the post

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