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Tag: Overcoming Writer's Block

13 Ways Your Writing Inspiration Already Surrounds You

By Kris Maze

Writing Inspiration arrives like a lightning bolt and disappears like a mist, but we can replenish this elusive entity each day with our surroundings. When I examined my workspace for writing 'fuel', I found many ways it helps me coax the words onto the page.… Read the post

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The Simple Writing Resolution that Changed My Career

by Jenny Hansen

A little over ten years ago, I wrote a post that changed my trajectory as a writer. Writing this post literally pulled me back from that edge of giving up the thing I most love to do. It was January, 2011 and one simple resolution saved me.… Read the post

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Is Your Writing in a Slump? Get into the Flow!

by Kris Maze

Is your writing in a slump?  Are you having trouble finding motivation to finish your next project?  Have you lost that loving feeling?  (Insert cheesy, singing jet pilots here if that works for you!) Fear not, skilled writers, we are in this together and I hope you will soon find your words flowing like Niagara Falls.… Read the post

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Moving From Pantser to Plantser

by Ellen Buikema

National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo, is an organization that promotes creative writing worldwide via annual writing challenges where participants attempt to write fifty thousand words in a month. I pondered whether or not to attempt their challenge for several years and finally opted to give it a try in 2020, the unhappy year many wish wasn’t.… Read the post

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Getting Unstuck and Avoiding Writer's Block

by Tiffany Yates-Martin

You know that feeling—like you were coasting along on a greased golden road through your first draft (or second…or twelfth), and suddenly you come to a bone-jarring halt, like Wile. E. Coyote sent an avalanche right smack into your creative pathway.… Read the post

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