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WriterStrong: Is Your Dialog Doing Double Duty?

Writers In The Storm welcomes back award-winning author and RWA RITA-nominee, Shannon Donnelly.

Today she’s talking to us about the difference between dialog that is -- mediocre, and dialog that *sparkles*

By Shannon Donnelly


When I first began writing, one thing stood out like a big old red light—in any story, there’s a lot to juggle.… Read the post

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When to TELL the Story

By Monthly Contributor, Shannon Donnelly

We’ve all heard “show, don’t tell” and there is value in that advice. If all you do is tell a story, how does the reader participate with his or her imagination? However, a book is not a movie.… Read the post

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What Makes a Good Book Cover?

We're so excited here at WITS. The amazing teacher and writer, Shannon Donnelly, has agreed to be a monthly contributor! Read on - you're going to be excited too! Here's Shannon:

The great thing about ebooks is you can keep changing the cover.… Read the post

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