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Writing Believable Driveway Crime: Carjacking & Kidnapping

by Piper Bayard of Bayard & Holmes

For those of us who write espionage or crime novels, knowledge of crime is essential. My writing partner, Jay Holmes, is a 45+ year veteran of field intelligence operations, and he has learned a thing or two about criminal activities over the years.Read the post

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Writing Spies: Who and What is Listening, and Why?

by Piper Bayard
of Bayard & Holmes

I write with a partner who is a 47-yr veteran of Intelligence Community field operations. My friends know to unplug their Alexas and their Smart TVs when I’m in a room. Sometimes, I even ask them to turn off their phones and put them alongside mine in their microwave oven before a conversation continues.Read the post

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10 Steps: NaNoWriMo to Publication

by Piper Bayard

It's December, which is known to writers as the month after National Novel Writing Month. The intensity of the push is over. We blink and search around like the lights just came up in the bar. Or maybe our expressions are more like that look a cat gets when a kid puts a paper bag over it for a few seconds and then pops it off again.Read the post

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The 14 Most Successful WITS Blogs This Year

Every so often, I jump into the archives to see what is and isn't working here at Writers In the Storm. I look closely at the posts that are getting more attention to determine whether we should ask the contributor to continue with a series on a topic or whether there might be a tie-in with a current post.… Read the post

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Writing Spies: A Window Into the Top Four Organizations

By Piper Bayard
of Bayard & Holmes

In spy and crime fiction, one of the most common mistakes that my writing partner and I see is confusion about which organization does what, to whom, and where. As a result, our first goal in writing Spycraft: Essentials was to draw on my partner's 45 years of experience in military and intelligence field operations to clear up that confusion and provide a window into the top spy organizations.Read the post

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