September 9th, 2016

Pitch Your Novel Perfectly

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Blogging Guests | Susan Spann

Susan SpannSusan Spann

In the publishing world, an "elevator pitch" is a one-sentence (under one minute) pitch an author gives an agent, editor, or reader in order to prompt interest in a manuscript or book.

I've heard a lot of these over the years, and I help authors write (or revise) them in conference settings.… Read the post

July 10th, 2013

Fearless Pitching - Part 1

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Writing Craft

By Laura Drake

You all know me (Ms. 413 Rejections) so I’ll spare you the story. Just know that I have pitched a LOT in my life, and I’m here, fresh from teaching a Pitching class, smack in the middle of conference season, to give you some tips for pitching that will make your pitch so shiny the agents will be digging in their purses for sunglasses.… Read the post


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