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Five Ways to Spawn New Story Ideas

by Eldred “Bob” Bird

You’ve just finished the final draft of your current project and sent it off to your editor. Congratulations! After taking a well-deserved break it’s time to get on to that next story. You sit down and stare at the blank page in front of you.… Read the post

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Tips to Up Your "What If" Game

by Eldred "Bob" Bird

With NaNoWriMo just a few days away, many WITS readers are probably prepping for the mad dash—plotting, building character profiles, setting word count goals, and stocking up on the caffeine delivery system of their choice. Others (like me) are beginning to panic as they stare at a blank page and hope beyond hope that a brilliant idea will descend from the heavens like a gift from God and drop into their addled brian in time for the November starting gun.… Read the post

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