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Plotting, Pantsing & Personality Type

by Julie Glover

This coming weekend, I'll be in Midland, Texas for the Permian Basin Writers Workshop Event where I get to present on choosing the right writing process for you.

In preparation, I've been reading up on writing process and personality and came across an interesting paper published by the National Council of Teachers in English (2009).… Read the post

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Plot Backward to Move Forward with Your Novel

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy 

plotting your storyUnless you're playing with a non-chronological story structure, plot unfolds as time marches on in a novel. It starts when the problem is discovered (more or less), and ends when the problem is resolved. But just because the story is in chronological order, doesn't mean we need to plot it that way.… Read the post

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Writing The Big Picture - Don't Trash The Roadmap

By Sharla Rae

In our WITS crit group, we all have our individual critiquing talents: grammar, tight writing, action scenes, male point of view, description  etc. And when one of us starts a new project, we verbalize or write an outline of the story so that our partners can critique the individual story elements as well as the Big Picture.… Read the post

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