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Writers Helping Writers: Presenting to Writing Groups

by Eldred “Bob” Bird

Photograph of a large room filled with tables occupied by people watching a presentation on a screen at the front, a videographer off to the side and lights to illuminate the guest.

Now that the country has pretty much opened up again, the opportunities to present to writer’s groups in person are opening up as well. I recently had the chance to get back up in front of a group for the first time since the shutdown and I must admit, it felt a little foreign.… Read the post

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Tips from Podcast Hosts for a Good Show

by J. Alexander Greenwood

Interested in appearing on a podcast to promote your work—or in starting a show of your own? I asked some of my fellow podcast hosts and great guests for tips about what makes for a good show experience.… Read the post

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Being a Cool Cat While Making Presentations

Cathy Lamb

Let’s talk about how to be a cool cat.

Specifically, let’s talk about how to be a cool cat when you’re making a presentation, giving a speech, or reading from your book.

Think: Props.

Yes, props.  No, you’re not on the theatre’s stage, but you are on stage.… Read the post

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5 Tips for Presenting an Engaging Workshop

“Picture them in their underwear.”

Has there ever been a more stupid piece of advice? Yes, I know it was delivered by none other than the quintessential dad of my generation, Mike Brady.

But his perm and that piece of advice were both mistakes.… Read the post

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