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Publishing Naked- Part 3

Welcome to another installment of Sensational Summer Fridays, here at WITS!

Before we begin with the third in our guest blog series by Denise Domning, we'd like to announce the winner of Michelle Diener's debut novel, IN A TREACHEROUS COURT. … Read the post

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Adjusting To The Paradigm Shift

Writers in the Storm would like to thank Linda O. Johnston for her gift of HOWL DEADLY, her latest release in her Pet-Sitter Mystery series.  Our lucky reader and commenter on Linda's blog on Networking and Writing Organizations is (drum roll here) Jamila Jamison. … Read the post

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Guest Post: Straight from Sue Grimshaw’s computer . . .

This week’s Sensational Summer Friday guest post is from Sue Grimshaw!

Sue was the romance book buyer for Borders and Waldenbooks stores for more than a decade. As of April this year, Sue is Ballantine Bantam Dell’s Category Specialist & Editor At Large.… Read the post

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Publishing Naked

When I read today’s guest blog, the first question I had for Denise was why she and Monica would team up to write a book. When she sent me their bios, it not only made it clear, but made me want to read the book.… Read the post

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Learning from History

By Laura Drake

I saw a blog that interviewed, among others, the agent, Pam Strickler.  She had this to say about the current storm in publishing:  “There’s good and bad news. It’s kind of like the paperback revolution.”

It hit a synapse in my brain, and several others down the road fired (for a change), and led me to the following epiphany. … Read the post

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