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The Surprising Places Research Can Lead You
Photo of an open book revealing a map. A pair of glasses sit on top of one of the pages.

By Diana Clark 

My passion to write about Latin American protest music started innocently enough. A long and deep interest in Hispano-American history and culture led to an interest in using fiction to write about the interesting events and characters I’d studied for years. … Read the post

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How Much Research is Enough?

By Diana Clark

many research books - sign says so many books, so little time

How Writers Use Research

How we answer the knotty question of “how much research is enough” often says more about us as writers than we might suspect—or even want. I’ve discovered the only easy answer to this common query from friends and colleagues is “it depends,” which is a copout satisfying no one.… Read the post

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5 Research Tips for Historical Fiction Writers

Susan Meissner

Every now and then I get a little jealous of the freedom that fantasy fiction novelists have to create a world and its history with such creative and even reckless abandon. Since I write historical fiction (emphasis on historical), I don’t experience the same level of artistic liberty.… Read the post

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Research trips: No passport required

Sierra Godfrey

Remember when you booked a flight to Marseille, France for research purposes? You toured Fort Saint-Jean, strolled around the Vieux Port, and lunched on bouillabaisse at a charming little café in Old Le Panier? Or how about the way the fishing boats sounded when they chug-chug-chugged into the harbor and the fishermen poured their catches into light-blue tables for people to come and buy right off the boat?… Read the post

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Throwdown Part 2: Write What You Don't Know

by Fae Rowen

When Laura Drake originally suggested this topic months ago  I knew I would be on the "don't know" end of the throwdown.  Everyone else at Writers in the Storm writes about what they know.  With Sharla Rae's historicals, she researches and researches until she has notebooks filled with information. … Read the post

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