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Tag: Researching the Historical Novel

The Journey of Writing Historical Fiction

By Ellen Buikema

Writing historical fiction begins with a base of facts that sit atop the whisper of a story. As a child, my mom told me stories about her mother, who was adopted by a rather strange, superstitious woman with a daughter of her own.… Read the post

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Using Visuals to Inspire Scenes

by Ellen Buikema

There are times I’m absolutely certain of the characters’ surroundings,
the shape of the scene crystalizes in my mind and I can write it all in one sitting. Don't you love those times? But there are moments when that just ain’t happenin'.… Read the post

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Using Real People and Events in Fiction - Michelle Diener

Our Sensational Summer Friday guest today is a true world traveler – she was born in London, was raised in KwaZula Natal, South Africa, and she now lives in Australia.  Laura Drake knows Michelle Diener through her RWA-WF (Women's Fiction) chapter, where Michelle is the VP of Communications.… Read the post

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Researching the Historical Novel

Sharla Rae

 For the writer who enjoys history, researching is often the best part of writing a historical novel. Even so, deciding where to start can be mind-boggling.

 Why Research?

  1.  Lovers of historical fiction know their history. The facts cannot be faked.
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