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The Power of Quirky-Smirky Assonance and Alluring Alliteration

By Margie Lawson

The rhyming vowel sounds of assonance aren’t always quirky-smirky. But I wanted to grab your attention. It must have worked. You’re here!


Rhyming vowel sounds are as cool as a school of dolphins.

As smart as a cart full of bestselling authors.… Read the post

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Margie’s Rule #11: Power Up with Rhetorical Devices

Margie Lawson

Thank you for inviting me to guest blog again this month. I love being on WITS!

Want more superpowers in your WIP?

Most writers use just a few rhetorical devices. These are the most frequently used: simile, metaphor, alliteration, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, and the occasional rhetorical question.… Read the post

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Smart Writers Expand Time - From Margie Lawson!

By Margie Lawson

A BIG THANK YOU to Mega-Talented Laura Drake for inviting me to be her guest blogger today!

Writers are all powerful. Well, in their fictional worlds they are all powerful.

Two of the 74,386 story dynamics that writers control are expanding time and compressing time.… Read the post

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