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Write a Better Fiction Story by Finding its Beating Heart

by Sandy Vaile

pulse trace of a beating heart on a heart monitor

Every story has a beating heart that gives it purpose. It’s the vision that keeps all the working parts of a novel focused on what really matters, enabling the author to outline more easily and write a purposeful story.… Read the post

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Research: How Far Will Fiction Authors Go For Facts?

by Sandy Vaile

One of the fastest ways to alienate readers is to get your facts wrong, which can feel like an overwhelming responsibility when writing a story. But how far would you go to bring authenticity and interesting elements into your story? … Read the post

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4 Essential Elements You Need to Create a Workable Novel

by Sandy Vaile

Image of faceless white-clay.figure sitting on the floor surrounded by large, red 3d question marks, The character has its elbows on its knees, one hand covering its face because it doesn't know the four essential elements you need to create a workable novel.

Every second person I speak to believes they’ve “got a novel in them”. It’s getting it out and onto the page that’s the tricky part! Only about 3% of people who actually start writing a book, will ever finish it.… Read the post

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