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4 Planning Strategies to Write a Compelling Novel

by Sandy Vaile

Plan your novel, typewriter with Chapter One

You are in the right place if you are preparing to write a novel and want to set yourself up for success. Whether you're a seasoned writer or taking your first steps into the world of fiction, one truth remains constant: successful storytelling begins long before the first words grace the page.Read the post

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One Amazing Perspective Shift to Make Scene Writing Easier

by Sandy Vaile

a winding road disappearing into the distance

Have you ever wondered why pulling all the pieces of a novel together feels like such hard work? Me too.

Each author has a different process, but if you love feeling immersed in the lives and emotional dramas of fictional characters, then shifting your focus from external plot to internal state, could be the perfect way to allow your plot to be revealed organically.… Read the post

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How to Ensure a Story Idea is Worth Writing

by Sandy Vaile

An illuminated man sits while reading with great attention in a darkened library, between the stacks.

As writers, we’re painfully aware that not every story idea that sparkles in our mind turns into a gem on paper. With the intense competition of four million book releases each year, it’s crucial to ensure the idea behind a book is compelling and marketable.… Read the post

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How to Write Concise Dialogue that Rings True

by Sandy Vaile

Dialogue is a powerful tool in fiction because it enables readers to get to know characters without the author telling them how to feel or information dumping what they need to know.

In fact, speech predates written language by tens of thousands of years and is ingrained in our daily lives, so use it to its full advantage to develop characters, advance the plot, increase pace and create tension.… Read the post

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Are You Writing a Shiny Idea or a Robust Story?

by Sandy Vaile

Too often I see authors enthusiastically start writing a novel, only to run out of steam part way through. In fact, only 30% of people who start writing a novel will actually finish it. It’s heartbreaking when a fantastic concept languishes in the bottom drawer forever.… Read the post

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