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One Amazing Perspective Shift to Make Scene Writing Easier

by Sandy Vaile

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Have you ever wondered why pulling all the pieces of a novel together feels like such hard work? Me too.

Each author has a different process, but if you love feeling immersed in the lives and emotional dramas of fictional characters, then shifting your focus from external plot to internal state, could be the perfect way to allow your plot to be revealed organically.… Read the post

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Writing How to: Piecing Together the Perfect Scene
By Lori Freeland
Photo of an artist's desk with pens & inks & paints visible around the edges of a paper flat on the desk with a faint outline of a woman's face where some of her hair and one eye and a little of her mouth are more complete but much of the painting still needs pieces done

I went to an art party once. The kind of party where I showed up with friends, a bottle of wine, and zero artistic talent. When I first stood in front of that blank canvas, brush in hand, I froze.… Read the post

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Location. Location. Location: Bring Your Book to Life Part II

By Lori Freeland

Think about the way you craft a scene. Dialogue is pretty much a given. Some of us even use what our characters say as a backbone to begin filling in the blank page. Action is the same. We’ll often unconsciously describe what our characters are doing as they’re speaking.… Read the post

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Including Believable Sensory Details for Unfamiliar Experiences

by Dr. Miffie Seideman, Pharm.D.
Part of the “Over My Dead Body” Series

Sights, sounds, and smells often evoke very powerful memories. Consider your own emotions or memories, when you imagine the smell of freshly cut grass? Or the scent of a charred marshmallow clinging to a stick over a campfire?… Read the post

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Linear Writing vs. the Scattergun Approach – Which Are You?


by Laura Drake

In the last Writers in the Storm ‘throwdown’ (if you missed it, it was character driven vs. plot driven writing.) I was more than willing to admit that both sides of the argument are valid – even necessary to a great story.… Read the post

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