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Scrivener Split-Screen Magic

By Gwen Hernandez

Many Scrivener users aren’t familiar with the split screen feature, and if they are, they don’t realize its potential.

Introducing Split Screen

The Split Screen feature allows you to, well, split your screen. You can divide the single Editor pane into two panes, either horizontally or vertically.… Read the post

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Keeping Track of Everything in Scrivener with Metadata

Gwen Hernandez


One of the great things about Scrivener is that it allows you to divide up your work into scene - or chapter-sized “chunks” (usually documents). This means you can tag those documents to keep track of just about anything you want.… Read the post

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Write Your Own Happy Ending with Scrivener

Gwen Hernandez

A few years ago, I ended a 15-year marriage to Microsoft Word and hooked up with a younger, sexier writing program: Scrivener. My graduate thesis took the shine off my romance with Word, but it was my foray into fiction that finally killed the relationship.… Read the post

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Taking the Scary out of Scrivener

A few months ago I won a copy of Scrivener. Since so many author friends rave about how fabulous it is, I promptly installed the software and launched it. Then stared. Ummm ... now what. I was two-thirds of the way into my WIP and the idea of learning a new software and slogging through the rest of the book did me in.Read the post

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