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Publishing Naked

When I read today’s guest blog, the first question I had for Denise was why she and Monica would team up to write a book. When she sent me their bios, it not only made it clear, but made me want to read the book.… Read the post

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Get Your E-Book Noticed: Presentation, Promotion & Patience

By Lyn Horner

A new Kindle author recently visited my home page http://texasdruids.com and asked me for tips on what to do next. I’m flattered by his request and more than happy to share what I’ve learned since publishing my first Kindle book.… Read the post

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Writing Is Like Comfort Food

By Sharla Rae

I grew up in the Midwest and I love to cook. My first efforts were the comfort foods I grew up with. In the farming Midwest that meant hearty, fill-the-belly dishes.

Composing a story is a lot like cooking.… Read the post

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