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Golden Lines from RWA 2015

For those of you who couldn't attend, every year I share the best, the "golden," writing tips and industry advice from the workshops I attend at the Romance Writers of America conference.

Joan Johnston:

  • To ramp up tension, skip some of the Twelve Levels of Intimacy.
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Break All the Rules

Sherry ThomasSherry Thomas

I like directions. I am, moreover, very good at following directions. Lately, however, I find myself balking at one particular set of directions: writing rules. Now I’m the last person to suggest that everything about writing is subjective and therefore any rule should be kicked in the gonads before it even walks through the door.… Read the post

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WriterStrong: Strong Details for Strong Reader Emotions

Writers in the Storm is pleased to introduce you to Sherry Thomas. We were lucky to hear Sherry speak at an OCC RWA monthly meeting this fall and even luckier when she agreed to share her writing acumen  with us.

by Sherry Thomas

A detail for me isn’t the color of the wall, the precise shape of a button, or the precise combination of spices in a particular dish. … Read the post

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