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3 Tips for Seamless Scene Setting

Sonja Yoerg

photo credit: Lost in Space "Warning Will Robinson" via photopin (license)

Lost in Space. Remember that TV show? No? Sigh. It aired in the 60s and featured a family in Jiffy-Pop space suits roaming the galaxy in an attempt to return to Earth. I mention it because, as fun as that show was, you don't want your characters lost in space.… Read the post

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Meaning What You Say, and a Bit More

Sonja Yoerg

Sonja Yoerg headshotThe act of writing is an exercise in managing symbols. Every word, after all, is attached to a universe of meaning; the bit we formally agree upon is the definition. Everything else a word signifies exists in a web of personal memory, experience and emotion.… Read the post

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