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Writing Spies: How to Find Bugs

By Piper Bayard
of Bayard & Holmes

Now that we know how to bug a room (see Writing Spies: Bugging a Room), it's important to look at the other side of the equation. How can our characters know if a room is bugged?Read the post

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Writing Spies: How To Bug a Room

by Piper Bayard
of Bayard & Holmes

Surveillance camera or device, writing spies

The basic function of intelligence personnel (a.k.a. "spooks") is to collect information on people and organizations. One way of doing that is to plant "bugs." People often ask why anyone would bother physically bugging a room when there are so many ways to hack into everything from computers and phones to cars and refrigerators and take over the cameras and microphones in them to spy on people.Read the post

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Writing Spies: Truths of Spycraft You Don't See in Fiction

Piper Bayard

We don't often discuss thrillers and spies here at Writers In The Storm because none of us has any experience writing them. We jumped at the chance to have Piper Bayard visit us. If you've ever been to the Bayard & Holmes blog, you'll know that she's well qualified to write on the topic.… Read the post

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