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An Honest Letter to the Scared Writer

Steena Holmes

Hey. Hi. Yes, hi. To you, the one who is hiding behind the screen, playing with a manuscript you’ve worked for years on. You, the one who joins every group she can find on publishing and writing and being an author.… Read the post

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Not Your Mama’s Character Descriptions

Margie Lawson


Does your real or imaginary writing checklist include: Make Character Descriptions Fresh, Unpredictable, Multi-Powerful?

If not, it could.

Character descriptions can add power on multiple levels. You can treat the reader to something fresh, something they haven’t read before.… Read the post

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How My Writing Destroys Me

Steena Holmes

steena-holmesMy house is quiet and I’m nursing a hot cup of coffee (my third actually) while staring at the screen and wondering what else I have left in me to write today. I don’t think there’s much. You see, last night I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning working on some chapters that literally yanked my heart out of my chest and I haven’t quite recovered.… Read the post

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The How and Why of Author Newsletters

by Steena Holmes

In my last post, I talked about Street Teams and using my newsletter to connect with my readers. It raised a few questions about newsletters to which I replied “but that’s another blog.” The ladies at WITS took me up on that.… Read the post

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Street Teams: Why you need one and how to create one

Note: Congratulations to Robin Kramme, winner of the giveaway by Melissa Cutler!
Writers In The Storm is thrilled to welcome Steena Holmes.

There’s one key aspect to writing that authors either love or hate. Promotion. We either find it exciting and can’t wait to dive in or we fortify ourselves with pots of coffee followed by bottles of wine all the while wishing our books would magically appear on the bestsellers list with no effort on our part.… Read the post

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